Dec. 19, 2016

2012 UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships


Chester Triplett and Pete Billington

2016 Para-Track Cycling Open

R5-PARA Racing

Teammate: Kyle Knott

2016 UCI Track Worlds Prep Camp

R5-PARA Racing

Teammate: Kyle Knott

Velo Sports Center

R5-PARA Racing

The World Class 250 meter wooden Indoor Velodrome located in Carson, CA

What is a "track bike"?

R5-PARA Racing

The difference between a track bicycle and a road bicycle.

Does a tandem track bicycle have brakes or shifters?

No. A tandem track bicycle, just like a standard track bicycle, does not use brake levers or shifters.

Does a tandem track bicycle also use direct-drive?

Yes. Just like a standard track bicycle, a track tandem uses direct-drive so when the tandem team begins turning the cranks, or pedals, they can not freewheel like a typical road bicycle.

How do you stop a track tandem if it does not have brakes?

A tandem team must apply GRADUAL reverse pressure on the pedals to bring the track tandem to a stop.

if a track tandem does not have shifters, how does a tandem team change gears?

On a track tandem, just like a standard track bike, a tandem team uses one "chainring" in the front of the drivetrain and one smaller "cog" in the rear of the drivetrain.

How does a tandem team know which gear to use?

Gear selection can vary from team to team depending on cadence preference and also depending in which event the team is competing. A smaller "gear inch" would typically be used in warmup.

Does a track tandem use the same chain as a standard road tandem?

No. Track tandems typically use a 1/8inch or 3/32inch chain. The typical road tandem or standard road bicycle uses a 1/8inch chain width.

where does a tandem team ride a "track tandem"?

At a velodrome.

What is a Velodrome?

Technical aspects[edit]
Banking in the turns, called superelevation, allows riders to keep their bikes relatively perpendicular to the surface while riding at speed. When travelling through the turns at racing speed, which may exceed 85 km/h (52.8 mph), the banking attempts to match the natural lean of a bicycle moving through that curve. At the ideal speed, the net force of the centrifugal force (outward) and gravity (downward) is angled down through the bicycle, perpendicular to the riding surface.
Riders are not always travelling at full speed or at a specific radius. Most events have riders all over the track. Team races (like the madison) have some riders at speed and others riding more slowly. In match sprints riders may come to a stop by performing a track stand in which they balance the bicycle on the sloped surface while keeping their feet locked into the pedals. For these reasons, the banking tends to be 10 to 15 degrees less than physics predicts. Also, the straights are banked 10 to 15 degrees more than physics would predict. These compromises make the track ridable at a range of speeds.
From the straight, the curve of the track increases gradually into the circular turn. This section of decreasing radius is called the easement spiral or transition. It allows bicycles to follow the track around the corner at a constant radial position. Thus riders can concentrate on tactics rather than steering

Chester Triplett

Army Veteran and stoker for R5-PARA Racing

The Tandem Driver Corps

The R5-PARA RacingTrack and Road Cycling teammates who I have worked with over the seasons

PARA-Racing Network PRN (Dec-16

Dec. 15, 2016

BVI Solutions (Garmin Connect)

Para Racing Network (Dec08)

Dec. 7, 2016

Performance Pro studio, CompuTrianer, and PC/MaC Accessibility for Visually-Impaired athletes


Nov. 4, 2016

A resource for blind and visually-impaired athletes (Wheels for Training) (Road Cycling)


Mar 2nd

2017 UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships

Thu 3/2 - Sun 3/5
8 a.m. - noon
The 2017 UCI (International Cycling Union) Para-Cycling Track World Championships will take place this season in Carson, CA at the VELO sports Center.


Mar 22nd

2017 R5-PARA Racing Spring Training Camp

Wed 3/22 - Wed 3/29
8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
A 2017 Para-Cycling Road National Championship preparation camp.


May 4th

2017 Para-Cycling Road National Championships

Thu 5/4 - Sun 5/7
8 a.m. - noon
2017 Para-Cycling Road National Championships


Dec 2nd

2017 Para-Cycling Track

Sat 12/2 - Sun 12/3
Track National Championships Olympic Velodrome