I must express a most sincere thanks to Ric Johnson, owner at Podium MultiSport-North Carolina, as well as Bob Johnson, and Mike Coursen. Podium MultiSport-NC has already committed to a 2016 R5-PARA Racing sponsorship which demonstrates the extremely positive and inclusive attitude that everyone at Podium expresses towards not only able bodied athletes but para-athletes as well.

Podium MultiSport-NC

Ric Johnson

"All about the athlete"

The Guru Fit System at Podium MultiSport-NC

Podium MultiSport-NC and The Guru Fit System

Guru Cycling adds new motion capture feature "range of right" to the Guru Fit Experience.

Podium Multisport

Sept. 17, 2016

Multisport Speed Shop located in Lake Norman, North Carolina


$50.00 Raised / $20,000.00 Goal

Fighting vision loss, from the start line to the finish line.