R5-PARA Racing

R5-PARA Racing is a tandem cycling race team, built around a visually-impaired stoker and fully-sighted tandem driver. A member of the Tandem Driver Core, Reuben Howden, was the Driver for R5-PARA Racing during the 2014/15 season and several races in 2016. during 2014/15 R5-PARA Racing had the privilege to train with Shane Martin, owner of Classic Cycling, and the Classic Cycling team. The Classic Cycling Team is a really strong Masters Category 1/2 group of highly experienced bike racers. Training with the Classic Cycling team was instrumental in R5-PARA Racing's preparation for Le Defi Sportivef, a UCI C1 event in Montreal, QC, and also 2014 and 2015 Para-Cycling Road National championships. The Classic Cycling Team offers one of the fastest training rides in the Charlotte area and it was a privilege that R5-PARA Racing was welcomed to the group. R5-PARA Racing looks forward to the Fall and Winter base period as we build to the 2017 season.