R5-PARA Racing

As a visually-impaired bike racer, I do the bulk of my training indoors but thanks to LP, not today, we hit the road for a few hours and got some fresh air. Thansk my friend!

R5-PARA Racing and Streamline Agency

R5-PARA Racing

It's always great to get outside on the tandem for a training ride. Thank you to LP for a great day on the bike!

PARA-Racing Network PRN (Dec-16

Dec. 15, 2016

BVI Solutions (Garmin Connect)

Para Racing Network (Dec08)

Dec. 7, 2016

Performance Pro studio, CompuTrianer, and PC/MaC Accessibility for Visually-Impaired athletes


Nov. 4, 2016

A resource for blind and visually-impaired athletes (Wheels for Training) (Road Cycling)

Rest and Recovery

Oct. 14, 2016

You won't get stronger and faster, if you constantly train at high intensity levels. You must allow time for your body to recover. Trust me, I learned the hard way.