R5-PARA Racing

Equipment: 1 set of rollers and a standard bicycle. Included in this blog post is a simulation of what it's like looking through the eyes of a person with Stargardt's Disease. Although I am not totally blind and I admit it is likely easier for me to ride the rollers as compared to a totally blind person, it still is not easy riding the rollers with only about 10percent of my vision remaining. The key message here is, it is possible if you are determined enough to achieve it. It took several months for me to get comfortable on the rollers and I sure did crash a few times. As a BVI stoker (person who sits in back of tandem) it's my view that the rollers are a very effective tool to eliminate any unnecessary upper-body movement that might cause unwanted work for the driver. The rollers, more generally, are also a very effective tool to smooth pedal stroke, improve the cardiovascular system and leg speed. if the stoker has a lot of unnecessary upper-body movement it could cause the tandem to fishtail, which is an unwanted outcome.