Introduction To R5-Para Racing
Dec. 11, 2016
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Fighting vision loss, from the start line to the finish line.

The Kit

Cycling Speed Skinsuit


Official R5-PARA RACING Uniform

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Official R5-PARA RACING Uniform

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Official R5-PARA RACING Uniform

Questions We're Asked

What is R5-PARA Racing?

R5-PARa Racing is an elite level Para-Cycling tandem race team. The team is built around, Chester Triplett, the "Stoker" a visually-impaired Army Veteran and the "Driver" the fully-sighted teammate who sits in front on the tandem bicycle and is responsible for all braking, shifting and steering. R5-PARa competes in the U.S. Paralympic Cycling Division and has represented Team USA in three UCI Para-track Cycling World Championships. The race team also competes in many local, regional and National level competitions as well as international level competitions.

What are the R5-PARA Rules of racing?

Rule#1 Never quit. There can be no victory, if you quit. Rule#2 Focus on the Journey. Not Results. Even on your best day, your competitor may have a better day. Rule#3 Fight and adapt. When life finds a way to knock you down, find a way to fight back and adapt to your new circumstances. Rule#4 Recovery is not an option. Take a nap. Training and racing punishes the body. so if you want to get faster you have to rest, eat right and take care of your body and mind. Rule#5 It takes a village. Build a strong support structure of friends, family, and sponsors who believe in your mission. No matter how self-driven you are, you can't achieve mission success, on your own.

How is sponsorship money used?

Any sponsorship money or donation is used to offset the cost of coaching, travel, registration, and equipment. R5-PARA Racing travels to many local, regional, national and international events. All in the pursuit of earning an invitation to the Paralympic Cycling National Team, UCI World Championship Team, and the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic team.

See Us In Action


R5-PARA Racing

The CycleFest 50mile Social Ride

Tango With A Tandem?

Streamline Agency

Don't think so...

2016 El Tour de Tucson Start

R5-PARA Racing



2016 Tennessee Para-Cycling Open Teammate: Kyle Knott

Meet The Team

Chester Triplett

Tandem Stoker

Army Veteran and stoker for R5-PARA Racing

The Tandem Driver Corps

Tandem Driver (pilot)

The R5-PARA RacingTrack and Road Cycling teammates who I have worked with over the seasons

Greg Miller

Tandem Driver

2016 Teammate (road)

Kyle Knott

Tandem Driver

2016 Teammate (road/track)

Reuben Howden

Tandem Driver (cofounder of R5-PARA Racing)

2014-15 Teammate (road/track) Cofounder of R5-PARA Racing

Lee Wandel

Tandem Driver

2013 Teammate (road)

Anders Swanson

Tandem Driver

2013 Teammate (road)

Stephen Kocher

Tandem Driver

2013 Teammate (track)

Mike Byrd

Tandem Driver

2012 Teammate (road)

Pete Billington

Tandem Driver

2012 Teammate (track)

Karl erickson

Tandem Driver

2011 Teammate (track)

Jim Alvord

Tandem Driver

2010 Teammate (track)

David Gulick

Tandem Driver (pilot)

2010 Teammate (road)

Jonathan Blackley

Tandem Driver

Jonathan is a member of the R5-Para Corps of Tandem Drivers

John Jose

Tandem Driver

2016 Teammate (road/track) Velo/Vets Tucson --- Volunteer (tandem driver)