Chester Triplett

Army Veteran and stoker for R5-PARA Racing

The Tandem Driver Corps

The R5-PARA RacingTrack and Road Cycling teammates who I have worked with over the seasons

Greg Miller

2016 Teammate (road)

Kyle Knott

2016 Teammate (road/track)

Reuben Howden

2014-15 Teammate (road/track) Cofounder of R5-PARA Racing

Lee Wandel

2013 Teammate (road)

Anders Swanson

2013 Teammate (road)

Stephen Kocher

2013 Teammate (track)

Mike Byrd

2012 Teammate (road)

Pete Billington

2012 Teammate (track)

Karl Erickson

2011 Teammate (track)

Jim Alvord

2010 Teammate (track)

David Gulick

2010 Teammate (road)

Jonathan Blackley

Jonathan is a member of the R5-Para Corps of Tandem Drivers

John Jose

2016 Teammate (road/track) Velo/Vets Tucson --- Volunteer (tandem driver)

James Spencer

Current training driver (road)

Stephen Pedone

2017 R5-PARA Racing Teammate